Course description

For the first time in Ukraine, KidIT starts with the new stunning “STEM with Dash” course, which combines the most popular trends in technological education:

  1. Physical visual programming (when visual commands are created, commands are passed to the physical object – the lovely work of Desha to perform). We use 4 different applications during this course: Blockly is a visual environment similar to ScratchJr and Tynker that allows the child to create programs in familiar puzzles mechanics, and the other three help to work with light, sounds (the robot can play the xylophone), interact with one with one and so on.
  2. Problem-based learning – learning through problem situations. Each lesson is a solution to one or another problem that a child faces in a creative way.
  3. STEM is a combination of different disciplines, where children are immersed in the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, again to address a variety of cases.

Dash is a real robot that does not leave anyone indifferent. Thanks to this toddler, children are very easy and fun to learn.

The visual shell is very friendly and reminiscent of Scratch and Tynker, but their children do not see the results of their work here on the screen, but in the actions of their own programmed work. With the help of various software components, you can teach a Dash to sing, dance, or move around a given trajectory indoors. The robot has built-in sensors, and therefore can interact with the environment, respond to the voice. This allows us to reveal the enormous opportunities for learning in the game, which was not before.

And the main thing – learning to program together with Dash is very fun and absolutely capable of all.

For this, it says a large number of awards and recognition by Melinda and Bill Gates is the best STEM toy for children.

At present, more than 8,500 schools around the world not only study computer technology with Dash, but also join annual competitions among its users, whose community is constantly expanding.

Only now you have the opportunity to try this technology for the first time and find out what thousands of children and educators are capturing.

What will children learn in this course?

  • We will learn to program a robot to execute commands (direction, sounds, light effects, etc.) using different tools.
  • We will train our teamwork skills, communication, creativity and problem-solving skills: we will work in teams to solve the tasks: clear the planet and rescue animals, create anti-seismic buildings and works of art, arrange real battles of robots, theatrical a work-show and a work-movie show.


STEM with Dash (5-6 years)

STEM with Dash (7-8 years)