Course description

We are glad to announce a new course, which asked everyone and was very excited!

Here it is – Python from Kid’IT – is a new step in the development of logical and analytical thinking, approaches to solving problem problems and the lack of restrictions on the implementation of the intended.

Python is a multi-purpose and universal programming language around the world. This is an ideal way to switch from visual languages, because its clearness and ease of use make it possible to create a huge amount of products, from work on web platforms to software development, and even platforms and computer learning programs.

The existence of Python began in 1991, and thanks to the constant improvement, the army of supporters is only growing and now has hundreds of thousands of people. A huge number of companies use Python, such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Mozilla, NASA, Toyota and others.

For children, however, this is the solution to a completely new adult level of programming and the ability to feel like real developers. However, it is advisable to study this technology after the development of Scratch, Tynker, because new knowledge is much easier to be done and can be linked to already learned principles and methods.


Introduction to Python programming

Indiana Jones and treasure hunt