Course description

Today, the children are under the pressure of a things, which does not affect us, such as messages in messengers, memes, viral videos, social media, video games, ads, and others. The ability to ignore this information, affect on people on Internet and protect yourself from the influence of others is a digital literacy database.

Being formed during the day of the Internet is to explore, connect with friends, create and learn ways that we could not imagine before. If children do not understand the nature of the digital world, cybersquatting (Internet humiliation), online fraud, personal security concerns, and more, can be a side effect of such opportunities.

Our “Digital World Expert” course teaches children how to evaluate the power of Internet tools, conscious use of opportunities and avoid risks. This is the school computer science course that is needed for children here and now: without a boring theory and outdated software.

The main feature of the program is a psychological approach to the study of technology. The entire state computer informatics curriculum revolves around the answers to the question “How?” However, for modern children, this is no longer relevant. In a few seconds, they can find all the answers to such questions in Google.

Children and adolescents have a disastrous lack of answers to “Why?”. Why can’t I enter a simple password? Why is it dangerous to post personal data? Why does the abuse on Internet may have sad consequences? Why can’t we google a work from foreign literature and publish it for your own?

That is why our mission is to be the first in Ukraine who will answer these questions to our children.

The program is divided into two courses: for 1-2 and for 3-5 grades.

Together with the children of 1-2 grade, we learn how to identify unsafe sites, protect your creative work on the Internet, and why you can not give out someone else’s work to theirs. We consider the rules of communication on the Internet, we learn to create secure passwords and distinguish which advertising is fraudulent.

With children of 3-5 grade, we focus only not on technical skills, but on ethical issues as well. What to do if someone writes scary or humiliating things on the internet?
What is cyberbullying? How to create a community of good friends on the Internet? How do the photos can be changed on the computer and how can it affect your attitude to your appearance?

All these questions need to be considered at an early age. Otherwise, the child will have to draw conclusions from its own mistakes, as our generation did.


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