Course description

At the heart of the program “Visual Programming. ScratchJr” is an introductory programming language for children aged 5-8 ScratchJr, developed by MIT Media Lab (USA). This is an adapted version of the Scratch language, where children create their own stories, games, combining graphic blocks in a certain sequence. As a result, the characters can move, jump, dance, sing, etc.

System and analytical thinking, ability to solve problems, creative creation of own stories and expressions, development of language skills, ability to write, read – this is far from a complete list of what children are improving with ScratchJr.

The program is based on the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Learning and Human Development at Tufts University and the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We emphasize that this is only the basis, which in our version are being adapted to the local peculiarities of our children.

Courses for children 5-6 and 7-8 years are significantly different in the degree of complexity of tasks. 

The format of the lesson is created according to kids age with frequent change of activities, team games, individual experimentation with tablets, group and personal work.

The tablet part of the work is 30% of the time of the class, the other 70% are all kinds of games for the development of skills 4C (creativity, communication, team work, critical thinking).

The group usually consists of 6-8 children with 2 Ninjas-teachers.

Result of each level is own-created interactive story or game, with characters, storyline and game mechanics.

While the children are having their classes, parents have the opportunity to fruitful networking. Our parent community is terrific.

Download ScratchJr is free here at the link:

for iPad

for Android


Introduction to Visual Programming

Introduction to the game development

Treasurer of games
Basics of Visual Programming in ScratchJR