Course description

Scratch is a visual programming language for drag-and-drop blocks and their various combinations. The language allows you to easily create interactive stories, games, and share these works with the eight-million community app users. The course was developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Groupat the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and we adapted it to the local peculiarities of children.

Scratch was created as an instrument that makes programming simple and intuitive.

Through Visual Coding, we continue to develop 4C skills (creativity, communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking) and develop algorithmic thinking. Thus, we lay the foundations for the creation and development of any product or project.

The logical chain that we are: come up with an idea – create a working prototype – experiment – identify the weak points in the project, correct the error – present the project to others, get the file backs – analyze – create again.

Important points at this level are given time – free experiment, discussion with others / work in groups, reflection, first experience with the world community on Scratch website.

In this way, we present a technology that works today in the adult world in a comprehensible format for children.

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