Course description

Minecraft is a total hobby for children and a lack of understanding of what it is, why and what to do with it for parents.

Taking as its basis the concept of Kid’IT – to direct the capture of children in a productive way, teaching how to use Minecraft as an educational tool, the team created two training programs through Minecraft. The first of these is “Inventions of the world together with Minecraft”, the second one – for those who passed the first – “Large projects of humanity in Minecraft”

In the case of Minecraft, we do not need to teach children how to use it, but in a familiar environment for children and on the basis of a familiar mechanics, we make a real interdisciplinary course on different disciplines (STEM, geography, astronomy, music, etc.), where each lesson is a thematic travel to countries, acquaintance with the inventions of these countries and the realization of the lessons learned at Minecraft.

About Minecraft

Minecraft is the so-called sandbox game from Mojang and Microsoft, an open world that develops creativity, interacts with others, the ability to solve problem situations in an exciting environment that limits your imagination only.

The game has over 100 million users in all corners of our planet. Here is what others do not have – the ability to create a whole world that will be completely unique. To get resources, to explore the territory, to build houses and, even, whole cities – everything is possible here. Another feature is that Minecraft created just ideal conditions for the interaction of a group of children and co-creation – this brings a new level of cooperation, communication and the ability to effectively share responsibilities to achieve the best result.

Recently, an educational version of Minecraft Edu was released, which we use for this course.

Let’s get study with Minecraft!


Inventions of the world together with Minecraft

The great projects of humanity in Minecraft
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