Casual Connect Winners!


Joyfulness, endless enthusiasm and total sense of exaltation.
KidIT on the international stage of the Casual Connect.

34 unique works were sent by the most talented children from Ukraine

9 extraordinary finalists have proven that everything is possible. The main thing is to believe and stubbornly go to their dreams.

And now, in the USA at the ceremony at DISNEYLAND® Hotel were announced. the names of 3 winners


The best game in the category 5-6 years:

Lev Tkachuk
“Magic Gems ” (Ternopil)



The best game in the category of 7-8 years:

2 winners!

Oleksandr Hlushchenko
“Virtual musician” (Sumy)


Polina Lutsenko
“The Lightning Ball” (Vinnytsia)


The best game in the category of 9-10 years:

Arsenii Doroshenko
“Aliens Invasion”(Kyiv)

Right now, loudly applaud, because all the Jury recognized that these children are doing miracles! Our Children!
You are extraordinary, you are an example to follow. You are inspiring
Your games are the best and so let the whole world know about them🤘