Kid’IT is the first education and technological platform in Ukraine for children aged 5-10 years. Creativity and self-expression through technology.

Our goal is to develop children’s ability to interact with new technologies, shifting the emphasis from passive consumption to active and creative position.

Moreover, to establish the basic skills of a successful person at the early age, such as creativity, ability to communicate actively and to work in a team, to think critically and to identify the problem and to find its solution.

Kid’IT in figures:

  • 26 July – launching the project in Ukraine
  • more than 120 groups of children have already passed the courses in Rivne, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivs’k, L’viv and Ternopil’
  • more than 560 children’s animations, cartoons and games were created during the sessions
  • about 280 video overviews of the projects were shot by the listeners
  • November-December 2015 – the first international experience with Administration of Lublin within the programs MediaLad East
  • A strong community of progressive parents that includes more than 500 people is in the process of development in Ukraine

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